In 1989, the Innosystem AG emerged from the former one-man business “Graf Innovationstechnik” which was founded in 1983.

Our main activities are:

  • Developing of solutions for measure and control electronics and pulsed power supplies mainly for high power application up to 10kW
  • Service and production in the field of industrial electronics and precision engineering.
  • Design and development of industrial process measurement and control solutions

Presently the Innosystem AG employs 15 people and is, therefore, a typical member of small to medium sized companies. Despite our size, we are internationally very competitive. Since 1995 the Innosystem AG is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard. This ensures that the high quality of our products - demanded by our customers - can be continuously maintained and guaranteed

We are clearly a market leader in the field of pulsed power supplies, which are mainly designed and built according to the customers specifications.

The Innosystem AG is also in a position to produce power supplies in accordance with the very stringent EMC- and safety standards and have them certified according these standards. This includes international standards and EEC directives as well as national standards and test procedures carried out by organisations such as: TÜV, UL and SEE.