Manufacturing - Innosystem LTD.Our modern series production plant is designed for the manufacturing of electronic units starting from the small 10 Watt DC/ DC converter to the 10kW high power supplies. SMD robots are being used for the efficient assembly of large series,.

Manufacturing - Innosystem LTD.All high power electronic units contain a certain number of hard wired connections. These connections are being manually assembled at special designated work stations. When assembling complex printed circuit boards, a special electronic guiding system is used to show the person doing the work the correct component to use and its exact location is indicated by a light beam.

Manufacturing - Innosystem LTD.Power Supplies are often delivered as complete units. In the assembly plant, the PC boards are being wired and if necessary mounted into housings or racks. Small modules might also be encapsulated by resin.

Manufacturing - Innosystem LTD. After the final assembly all Power Supplies undergo the necessary and prescribed functional and safety tests. This is followed – if required – by the burn-in phase.

Manufacturing - Innosystem LTD.In the transformer department, we manufacture wound goods such as coils and transformers in large numbers according to our own design. If necessary they can be vacuum impregnated.

Manufacturing - Innosystem LTD.Additional to the mechanical engineering department, we also have some specialised machinery for e.g. the printing of front panels or the moulding of plastics.

We continuously monitor and ensure that all relevant design parameters and specifications of our products are being met, using of the most sophisticated instruments on our test benches. Thereafter the shipping department is responsible for the packing and the on time shipping of the goods.