DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT - Innosystem LTD.In our core business, we are mainly engaged with the design, development and the manufacturing of power supplies especially in the field of Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS). Most of these units are designed according to the customers needs and specifications. In our Research and Development department our engineers design Power Supplies, which have to comply to many different and very stringent national and international standards.

Due to the fact that in Switch Mode Power Supplies high frequencies, currents and voltages can occur, the design of the printed circuit boards is of utmost importance. Therefore, modern CAD tools are being used to design these boards.

  • Design of Switch Mode Power Supplies for different applications and requirements. We can offer all services starting from drawing up the initial specifications, all required test and approval processes (UL, TÜV, CE etc.) and finally the series production.
  • Together with our customer, we can draw up the technical specifications sheet and guarantee the exact compliance with it.
  • All our design engineers are also highly experienced in the field of industrial production methods. This guarantees that our proto types are already designed to be suitable for a later series production.
  • Due to the fact that we are able to produce our own transformers (certified in accordance to the cUL standards) the lead time to the introduction and testing of a new product is considerably shortened.
  • Many thousand volts, currents of many hundred Ampere, power up to 10kW and a variety of different output voltages is the daily challenge of our engineers.